How to profit from starlike site Profit from watching videos Earn 4 dollars every day

How to profit from starlike site Earn 4 dollars every day

My friends on this page, today I brought you a site to earn money from watching videos due to the enthusiasm of online job seekers for these sites, starlike is a new and profitable site from clicking videos in social media. 

How to profit from starlike site Profit from watching videos Earn 4 dollars every day

Starlike is a site where you can work for free without deposit and daily profit, and it has many very profitable developments and very motivating work.
Follow us to explain how to use this wonderful site Star Like.

How to earn from starlike website without paying?

The site that we have today has several ways to profit, whether free or paid, and the plan and paid, of course, you get more profits in less time and more profits.

Starlike is based on watching videos on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube, and its method is simple and fun, with a minimum withdrawal of only $3.

Register on

To get started, you will be taken directly to the starlike website by clicking on the link provided here.
Website link:
Invitation Code: 207796

Then you press the register button, register an email for your account, your own, and also the password to enter it and return it again, and then you register the password that you use when you want to withdraw from the site, and you must remember the two words well, you can make the same password.
It asks for an invitation code, which you must enter if it is not already registered, and if it is, it will be registered under the website link.
Then you enter the simple verification code, which you solve, and enter the site, where you can start earning money and invite your friends. 

To get the VIP1 upgrade, contact us via Telegram from here. Because the promotion is given by the leader of the team, as he was considered as a team leader for those who registered through this site.

How to earn from

When you log in for the first time as a new user and are passionately looking for free work, you first need to enter your withdrawal address, select a payment method via usdt trc20, add a withdrawal wallet to it, and then save this request.
Second, you go back to the main interface and press the finger and circle icon, then you wait for ads and daily views to fetch you money from social media sites from Twitter, Facebook and Tiktok.
Third, after collecting your views, you go to the my section and you will find that earnings are automatically added to your balance for each of them for $ 0.7, or $1.40 per day, you watch a video on them and collect them daily.

Regarding the paid plans, there are three sections, from VIP1 to VIP3, and the number of views and their value increases with the increase in VIP for each section.
Subscription to paid plans is done by depositing the recharge in your account on the site and choosing the desired plan, or by inviting friends and forming your own team.

You can increase your profits by inviting your friends to the site through the invite link from the my then invite friends section, and the referrals will be divided into three sections according to the invitees, with your earning from the invitations you invite you also get a percentage of each referral.

How to withdraw from a starlike site?

You can withdraw directly to your wallet once your balance reaches $3.
Click on My, then click on my wallet at the top right, then click on withdrawal.
Enter your wallet code in the Trust Wallet platform.
Enter the withdrawal amount that you want to withdraw from the platform more than 3 dollars only.
Enter your account password for the transaction.
Click on submit, wait for the deposit to be made to your wallet within 24 hours and you will find it in the wallet.

Tip: The site is under evaluation, so do not do any VIP subscription other than watching ads until you are sure of the credibility of the site.

We have provided you with an explanation of the profit from the starlike website, the profit from watching videos is more than 4 dollars per day, the best site to earn money from watching videos.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section of the article, we will answer them as soon as possible.  
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