Nurse Anesthesia (Nagelhout, Nurse Anesthesia) 7th Edition pdf download

Nurse Anesthesia, 7th Edition pdf

Written specifically for nurse anesthetists, provides comprehensive coverage of both scientific principles and evidence-based practice. It provides a comprehensive overview of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and pathophysiology, as well as practical information on equipment and anesthesia management.

Nurse Anesthesia (Nagelhout, Nurse Anesthesia) 5th Edition pdf download

Nurse Anesthesia (Nagelhout, Nurse Anesthesia) 7th Edition pdf description:

This edition includes revised chapters on airway management and anesthesia for cardiac surgery, as well as updated information on pharmacokinetics, clinical monitoring, drug delivery systems, and complications. This perennial best-seller, written by leading nurse anesthesia experts John Nagelhout and Karen Plaus, prepares anesthesia students and CRNAs for today's clinical anesthesia practice.
Over 650 anatomy, nurse anesthesia, and equipment figures depict complex concepts and information.
An easy-to-use organization begins with fundamental principles and builds on them with individual chapters for each surgical specialty.
UPDATED references make it easy to find the most recent and important research in the field.
Over 700 tables and boxes present the most important information in a concise, easy-to-reference format.
Expert CRNA authors provide up-to-date clinical information that you'll use in your daily practice.
Pharmacology information has been updated to include pharmacokinetics, drug delivery systems, opiate antagonists, and key induction drugs.
Over 100 NEW photos and illustrations help you grasp difficult anesthesia concepts.
UPDATED The chapters on Airway Management and Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery have been thoroughly revised.

NEW topics covered include robotics, screening applications, and best practices for non-operating rooms.

Nagelhout, Nurse Anesthesia 7th Edition pdf download from here

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