Video Candy Online Video Editor Free

Video Candy Online Video Editor

With the development of the internet world and the increase in connection speeds, many things can be done online and we definitely don't need to install various software on our systems. One of these tasks is video editing, as there are many online tools today, among which is the free online video candy editor, the capabilities of which we will present in this article.
Video Candy Online Video Editor Free

If you are looking to edit video with your system, you should either look for special software or online tools. The video editing software on the market, in addition to the large volume occupied by the user's system, is of no use to many of them. Some of these programs are as complex as their user interface which regular users will regret in the first few minutes of using them.

Meanwhile, developers have turned to online video editing sites, each with its own capabilities. In the meantime, some of them charge users for using their services, while some are free. As you can guess, the free options do not provide you with paid sample tools, or the number of such services is small. In the meantime, one example that gives you almost complete features, despite being free, is Video Candy, an online video editor.

Free Online Video Editor Video Candy

To access this editor, just visit their website. By entering this website, you will encounter a simple and functional user interface that provides you with a variety of tools. Each widget is inside a box, and in addition to the title, there is an image to simplify the user interface inside the boxes.
Video candy is a free online video montage site with useful tools
If you are not interested in the UI above and are looking for quite a few examples, you can click on "All Tools" or "Menu" at the top of the website. This will give you all the tools you need in smaller and simpler examples, as you can see in the image below:
Video Candy Online Video Editor Free

Video candy is a free online video montage site with useful tools

On this site you will encounter almost complete tools numbering up to 15. These tools are as follows:
  • Video compression
  • Trim video
  • Merge videos
  • Video cutter
  • Change the video size.
  • stop motion
  • Add music
  • Change the playback speed
  • silent
  • Make a slideshow
  • reverse video
  • Rotate the video
  • Making a ring
  • Replay video
  • Converting a video to a gif

In the following, we will teach you how to work with the various tools of an online video editor.

Compress video with Video Candy
The first option in this service is video compression. According to the website, its compression tool reduces video size while maintaining quality. On the page of this tool, there is an option to add a large file. By clicking on it, you will get the file explorer to select the video, of course, this website also supports the ability to drag and drop.
To test the performance of this tool, we uploaded a 1.75MB video inside it. The output size has been reduced to 1.65MB, and of course, this tool has also reduced the video size, which goes against his statement that the video quality does not change.
Video candy can be used to trim video
The following tool allows you to cut the video or remove unwanted sections. In this tool, the file selection is the same as in the previous section. After choosing the video, you have to wait a bit for it to be uploaded to the site. The waiting time depends on the size of the video.
After uploading the video, you will be provided with a new user interface to cut the video. You can save the selected part of the video by selecting the “Extract Part” option, or you can delete the selected part by clicking on the “Remove Part” option. In addition to the slider to select the desired sections, you can also manually enter the start time and end time to get a more accurate result. Finally, click on the Export option, in which, of course, at the top you can see the duration of the final video. The output video size is no different from the input file.
Combine videos with the online video candy editor
Of course, it has occurred to all of us that we want to put several videos in a row and merge them together. To do this in Video Candy, just upload the videos you want. After completing the download process, you will be shown a simple yet functional user interface with various tools.
At the bottom of this interface, there is a bar where you can add different videos and change their order by just clicking and dragging. There are several options on the right with which you can change the aspect ratio of the image, and if the dimensions of the videos are different, put black or blurred bars around them in the Fit Size section.
You can either delete the original video sound or add a background sound. Finally, to get the output, you have to click on the export option. At the top of this button are the number of videos and the duration of the final file.
Video candy cropping and resizing
There are separate options for these. To cut or resize the video, click on the relevant option and then upload the file you want. By using the video trimmer (photo below), you are presented with several default aspect ratios. By clicking on them, the corresponding box is displayed on the video, which you can resize without manipulating the aspect ratio. Of course, you can also access the free dimensions. Finally, click on the Export option.
As for the resizer, we are faced with the default options similar to Crop, and you can choose one of them (photo below). Of course, you can also choose the size you want, and you can put black or blurred lines around the video.
With Video Candy, you can put a stop to the motion.
Stop motion is an animation technique in which an object moves frame by frame. In the Video Candy stop motion user interface, you have several options with which you can select the animation speed and how long to freeze or press the frame.
Below these options is the possibility to add reverse playback. Select the options you want and click the "Export" button to get the output. The quality of the output can be considered approx.
Music should be added, and video candy should be muted.
To add background audio to a video, simply upload the video to the Video Candy website, and in the corresponding user interface, click on Add Background Audio and select the music you want. It is also possible to delete the original audio of the video.
Of course, to directly mute the video, you can select the corresponding option on the main screen. By selecting this option, you just need to automatically upload and download the video you want to delete.
Speed up and reverse video candy
Other features of the free online video editor Candy include changing and inverting video playback speed. There is a separate option for each of them. However, as you can guess, we have a special user interface for changing the speed of the video.
After uploading the video, a special user interface with various video speed options will appear to you. In fact, you can slow it down by a quarter or up to 5 times. By selecting any of these options, its duration will be displayed above the export option.
No additional work is required to reverse the video, and you just need to load the video you want after selecting the video reverse option on the home screen. Everything else is done automatically and you will get a video with reverse playback of good quality that can be attractive to you.
Make a gif with Video Candy
With Video Candy, you can convert videos to gif files. All you have to do is select the Video to GIF option and upload the video you want. After a while, the gif file will be automatically available and you can download it.

Other Candy Video Editor Features

You can create a slideshow using this site. All you have to do is upload several photos or videos, then resize them, select the aspect ratio, and choose the background music for them.
You can rotate the video content on this site, and you have the ability to flip, reflecting the content. Finally, we encounter the Loop feature, which puts the video in a row several times, and of course it can also create a gif file, you can see its user interface in the image above.

Finally, Video Candy is a functional website and video editor with a simple user interface that provides you with many capabilities and tools. Since all the services on this site are free, some of their drawbacks, such as reduced video size when compressed, can be overlooked. Video Candy can meet most of the needs of ordinary users and help them edit videos.
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