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A multiplayer strategy game in the style of the cartoon Infinity Kingdom. Infinity Kingdom Download APK for Android Free 2022.

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Infinity is waiting for you if you conquer the city! Infinity Kingdom is an animation-style strategy game for up to four players. Norheim is under attack from bad dwarves, but you must also protect yourself from other invaders!

A few years ago, the Statues led their mechanized army into war after breaching the Northern Defense Line three years earlier. The future of humanity is at stake with the destruction of tens of thousands of cities. Immortals are now gathered behind your banner. Those who are the best are now ready to lead your fearsome army into combat. Lords! Do you have what it takes to thwart your opponents and restore peace to this region of scattered tribes?

helps! It's the dwarves who are wreaking havoc here!
Oh my God, you've finally arrived! Our lands are in a perilous state and we have to act now, please help us save our cities from looting statues like locusts! In order to help us take back the city, the alchemists are ready to lend a hand. Put all your efforts to rebuild this city and fight against these enemies!

Immortals Gathering!

Humanity has access to over 50 formidable immortals from a variety of different civilizations. If you have a Philosopher's Stone, you have been given the supreme power to invite immortals into your Hall of Immortality. The Immortals will fight for your cause because of their powerful talents. Gather your armies, Cleopatra. Julius Caesar. Merlin. Robin Hood. To save the planet or to complete a PVE campaign, they are ready to battle for you.

Great Dragon Revival!

In a hidden dragon cave, there are seven different types of dragon ingredients, and only the toughest warriors can summon them to life. If so, are you eager to hatch an adorable dragon egg and watch it grow? They will be fierce warriors if you raise them well! Your dragon will benefit from the item unit's Buffs in battle if it is equipped with the same item as Immortals.

Become a master of your craft and build your dream team!
As intimidating as Unit 1, remember that the best combos have yet to be discovered! Assign to your troops massive animals with dragons and defeat your enemies on the battlefield to show them who's the king!

Explore the history of Norheim by exploring the ruins!
Many ruins will be scattered all over the world. Recruit scouts to search for Stele Shards, which can be used at nearby monuments to learn more about Norheim's history. You will earn endless rewards as you embark on this amazing journey! 

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