WhatsApp JiMODs latest version 2022

JTWhatsApp install latest version 2022

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In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Welcome, dear followers of a creative technical website, your excellent guide to the world of distinguished WhatsApp copies. Our topic in this article is about downloading the new WhatsApp jiMods update and how to download and install the new version, follow us.

A short introduction about WhatsApp JiMODs latest version 2022

WhatsApp jiMods is one of the most popular WhatsApp programs.
Welcome, visitors to a creative technical site, which is the excellent guide to downloading new updates for the distinguished and famous versions of WhatsApp. I present to you the latest version of WhatsApp jiMods, the latest version, which was published by the developer jiMods.

WhatsApp jiMods WhatsApp is an upgraded and updated foreign version, which has won the admiration of millions of users greatly compared to the alternative versions of WhatsApp such as, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Abu Saddam Al-Rifai, and also WhatsApp Ammar Al-Awadi, the ten versions, and also WhatsApp Omar in several colors, where these versions are available on our site that you can download Directly or go down to the WhatsApp copy section.
Follow us in this topic about downloading WhatsApp jT Mods, we will share with you its features and brief description, I hope you like it.

Description of Download JTWhatsApp WhatsApp JiMODS

There are many developed and updated WhatsApp applications periodically due to the increase in the emergence of new features and unique improvements for users, making it easier for them to communicate with the community. Among these applications, there is the WhatsApp G-Mods application, which the developer updates periodically and adds features as they appear. There is also the WhatsApp Assem Mahjoub and WhatsApp Omar, as well as WhatsApp Adam, and WhatsApp Al-Kasir, you can download them from our website and find out the best among them.

Difference between WhatsApp JiMODs plus and WhatsApp JiMODs:

WhatsApp jiMods Plus is an upgraded version of the original WhatsApp jiMods, as the plus contains many important features and customizations.
WhatsApp jiModes Plus You can make an application lock and a lock for your conversation, as well as make privacy adjustments, patterns and appearances.

What are WhatsApp JiMODs?

WhatsApp JiMODs is one of the most popular and widely used applications from many countries around the world.
 JTWhatsApp is a free global messaging and social media application, a modified version of the official WhatsApp. WhatsApp jiMods is not available in the Android Google Play Store, the application was named after the developer JiMODS.
WhatsApp jt works on Android smartphones with version 4 and above.
 It works on multiple internet networks such as Wi-Fi networks, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G networks, and also on EDGE.

It also allows you to communicate, send free messages, send social media, and have conversations via voice or video call with friends and family without any costs.
One of its advantages is that it brings you closer to you by communicating with friends who are far from you and sharing with them what you love of photos, videos, documents and audio clips wherever they are.

Features of JTWhatsApp latest update

WhatsApp G-Mods contains many features and features that are in it, which has won the admiration of many users.
Updated version based on version 2.19.231 from Google Play Store.
Supports Arabic, English and many languages.
Supports voice calls and direct video calls without any interruption.
Supports transcription for conversations and transcription for the text you want.
Supports opening users' personal files, enlarging users' photos, and saving them to your device.
Supports watching multimedia without downloading it.
Modify privacy settings and the ability to hide your “last seen” appearances.
Improve emoji and stickers in WhatsApp.
Find out the last seen of WhatsApp users and know whether he is online now and when he was last contacted.
You can send videos over 15 megabytes to 30 megabytes.
You can send more than 100 images at the same time.
Increase the status text to more than 250 characters and change the color you want.
You can easily click on the links sent by your friends and see what they contain.
You can hide the name and date of messages while you are copying the conversation and sending it to someone else.
It supports many documents: docx and zip, txt, rar, audio, pdf, mp3, mp4, ppt and doc files.
GMods Against Ban is uniquely protected from ban.
Adapted from the new YoMods designs.
Make flight mode and separate WhatsApp from the Internet whenever you want.
Hide your chat from the main interface.
Another advantage is that the redirection tag will not appear on other people or groups.

Get to know the main features of WhatsApp JiMODs new update JTWhatsApp
Color adjustment: You can easily modify the colors in it to any color you want.
Additional upload capacity: You can send multimedia over 16 MB.
Image quality: It transfers images with the same quality without any shortage and more clearly.
Ad-Free: There are absolutely no annoying ads in the app.
Copy text: You can copy the text you want, either the whole text or just select the part you want.
Speed ​​of shares: You can share multimedia, audio clips and many files at high speed.
Viewing statuses: You can see if the user is online through the main screen or through the chat.
Change themes: You can change or alter many of the existing themes for WhatsApp at any time and with any theme.

How to download and install WhatsApp JiMODs v8.00 latest version?

Click on the download link at the bottom of the topic.
You will be directed directly to the download page, click on download and wait for a while for the download to begin.
Install the new WhatsApp jiMods update directly.
Enter your phone number and verify the activation code.
Now enjoy and chat with your loved one with the new WhatsApp JiMODs.

jtwhatsaap install free.  
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