Best gold detector for Android 2022

Gold detector APK | Gold detector app

Download the program for detecting gold by satellite
Find gold and silver (rings and bracelets) with your mobile phone. Through this application you will find the best gold detector program.

Gold metal detector app download

Gold metal detector app download

You can now use your cell phone to locate any metal, including gold and silver (rings and bracelets). Women can now use this new gold and metal detector equipment to search for gold and precious jewelry that was previously only accessible via mobile phones. As soon as you touch the search button, your application will start the process of searching for gold. Every time it recognizes a base metal object such as gold or jewellery, the device makes a loud beep.

Does your mobile phone have an internal magnetometer that measures field strength?
To find gold, use your mobile phone, just as gold miners do with their phone!
Any robot can be turned into a real metal detector using metal detector software that takes advantage of your device's magnetic sensor to measure magnetic fields.

Features of the gold and metal detector program

  1. Estimating the value of a person's metals (iron, gold, silver).
  2. The original metal detector detects and senses the metal around you, just like the first metal detector.
  3. Digital metal detector measurement.
  4. The amount of gold in a gold-based product can be determined by moving your mobile phone around.
  5. There are no metals if the value is less than or equal to 5.
  6. Metal detectors have indicators that are the greatest.
  7. Runs through walls as well as doors, detecting the presence of electrical cables or hidden metals.
  8. Magnetic field strength can be seen using great graphics.
  9. In other words, the source of the magnetic field is indicated by the compass as an arrow.
  10. Use a vibration alarm to detect metals.
  11. Detection of gold by satellite.

Metal and Gold Detector APK download free

  • Version: 1.12.
  • Update date: 29/09/2019.
  • Downloads: 1,000,000+ downloads.
  • Program size: 2.54 MB.
  • Developer: appspouch.
  • Release date: 05/08/2016.

Download gold and metal detector app for mobile phone

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