MT Manager app latest version for Android 2022

MT Manager app Android 11

MT manager app: an application used to modify Android apps, it is a wonderful and distinctive program in modifying all applications and programs for Android.

MT Manager app latest version for Android 2022

The MT Manager for Android 11 application is an application that modifies and edits many applications of all kinds. It is used by many interested in the world of programming and modifications to applications and attributed to them, for example: developers of Instagram versions, modified WhatsApp versions and Golden Telegram copies. MT Manager is an important program for app modifiers with many features that benefit them.

MT Manager VIP download

The mt manager vip program is the famous program in modifying Android applications and programs with all the comfort and ease as if you were an application designer. Easy to use and control without the availability or presence of ads in the application.
It modify application packages and files and modify images and names in applications with ease without the need for programming or coding.

Features of MT Manager for Android:

Supports Android devices for many versions such as:
MT Manager Android 5.5 and above.
MT Manager Android 9
MT Manager Android 10
MT Manager Android 11
MT Manager Android 12
A feature to modify all kinds of applications for Android in all versions of the application that you want to modify.
Elegant interface and easy to use and control the process of modification.

MT Manager Explanation | How to use MT Manager to modify applications

Open the application, the main interface, on the top left side, you will find three lines, click on them. A menu will appear for you with options, choose Extract Apk.
It will show you a list of all the apps on your device. Choose the application you want to modify. Then click on extract apk, then LOCATE.
Click on the application you have chosen in the file and then click on the application preview. When you click on Preview, you will see the interface of the application, its files and all application packages, and here is the beginning where you can modify the application freely.

If you want to change the links in the official application, click on the Classes.dex file. Then click on edit dex. Then click on Edit Sources. Then search and explore the links and modify or change the link to any link you have by clicking on Replace in current results.

In case you want to change the keywords in the application you want to modify, click on resources.arsc and then click on replace (replace) keywords in the application.
Then click on apk development, then wait a little while for the development process to finish. Then click on Install Modified Application, and it has been modified successfully.

In case you want to change the application packages, use the MT Manager VIP application.
Open the MT VIP application, you will go to the main interface, you will find a list on the top left side, click on it.
You will find a list of many commands, click on the internal storage of your device. Then go to the application you want to modify in your device's internal memory.
Click on it and several options will appear for you, click on the (FUNCTION) function. Then click on (COPY APK), copy the application.
After the previous steps, you will be directed to the packages of the application that you have chosen.

Suppose you want to make a copy of your own WhatsApp and in your name, such as WhatsApp Omar and many copies.
You will find in the application package list such as (com.techwhatsapp), for example in the modified WhatsApp Ammar Al-Awadi application is located in it (com.anwhatsapp). Change the name to whatever name you want.
After you have modified the package, click on (OK) or OK in Arabic, and it will copy the application with the new name and new format.
Note: Using MT VIP modifies the application package and using MT Manager to modify files, images, name and links in the application.

Download MT Manager vip from Mediafire

To download MT Manager VIP from Media website, click on the download link below, you will be directed directly to Mediafire. Click on DOWNLOAD in blue, it will be downloaded directly. After the download is finished, install it and start showing your creativity.

MT Manager  app latest version download

To download the latest version of MT Manager, click on the download link in the list of downloads from our website, you will be directed directly to the application download page, click on download, it will be downloaded directly to your device. Wait for the download to finish, then install, use, and get creative with the design and modification.

alert! In the event that you encounter any problem in the process of downloading the application or installing the application, or you cannot use it, show the problem in the comments below and we will respond to you quickly and help you solve the problem.

MT Manager latest version download
MT Manager vip download from Mediafire

To download files at high speed and without interruption, download this program from here and apply the steps in the explanation.

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