Download file in Android programmatically from direct link

Download file in Android 10 programmatically, Download file in Android programmatically

With the development of the world of technology, information technology and Android application programming, you can download large files from the Internet quickly and without interruption. Through a creative technical website, your distinguished guide in the world of technology and Android applications, we will provide you with an explanation of this wonderful application. One of the fast and free download programs ADM program.
Download file in Android programmatically from direct link.
Download file in Android programmatically, Download file from link

ADM Program Specifications Download files at high speed, Fast File Downloader

It is considered the fastest download program in the world for Android and download files at an incredible speed.
Download file with progress bar android.
Download file android github.
Download from Google Drive link.
Download file from link.
It downloads files that are difficult for you to download from other browsers.
It speeds up the download of large files and their fragmentation into sections.
Download more than four files at one time.
Download files from many sites through the copy and paste link feature in the program.
Continue downloading files after pause or after the Internet is back.
Files continue to download when you exit the app (in the background).
If you copy the link to the file, an automatic notification will appear to the program, Do you want to open the file.
Download files in many formats, type and size.
There is a browser inside the program that you can use for many features. Such as, the browsing feature, the feature of opening websites, the feature of downloading videos, the feature of downloading large and small files.

Explain how to use the program to download files, How to download large files faster on Android?

Copy the link of the file you want to download from any browser or website.
Open the program, then press the plus (+) symbol on the main interface of the application.
Paste the link in the first box and press start.

Downloads control panel:
There are two menus in the program. Waiting list and completed list.
Stop the download.
Continuing the download.
Delete the download with or without the file.
Open completed files.
View the download speed of files.

Android download file from URL apk

  • Application version: 12.4.2.
  • Update date: 05/29/2021.
  • App Downloads: 50,000,000+ downloads.
  • Update size: 6.57 MB.
  • Developer: AdvancedApp.
  • Release date: 04/01/2014.

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