How to Reset Windows 10 Factory 2021

How to Reset Windows 10 Factory

If your Windows 10 computer is working, running Microsoft's Refresh Windows tool or uninstalling a recent update will do the trick. However, if your PC is running slowly or you are receiving troubling error messages, it may be time to make a backup of your files and reset your PC Hopefully, the steps below will get your computer back up and running.

How to Reset Windows 10 Factory 2021

It is possible to recover, Backup and Restore Options for
Alternatively, you can open it by selecting "Settings" from your Start menu and clicking the gear Apps can be accessed from the list of applications, including the Settings To get started, select Get Started from the Reset This PC menu under Update & Protection > Recovery in Settings

Faxes that should be saved or Retain or remove
To proceed, either keep your personal files and uninstall only the downloaded apps, or wipe it all clean and start from scratch. As a result of each option, you'll be able to

Keep my files, applications, and settings will restore the PC to its original state, but it will also save your personal files and folders. However, you can prevent this from happening by clicking on Change Settings on the Additional Settings screen and turning it off.

Delete the Drive

Remove All will delete all of your files. Remove your personal files is the fastest way to delete them. By clicking Change Settings on the Additional Settings screen and then selecting Data Erasure, you can completely wipe the drive.

Despite the fact that it will take several hours to complete, it's the safer option Microsoft recommends erasing the entire hard drive if you want to get rid of your PC. This will make it much more difficult to recover deleted files

It's time to reset your computer
Once you've decided what should be removed from the computer, Windows will tell you what will be deleted. The list of apps that will be deleted when you reset them can be searched if you selected Keep My Files in the Re

In order to commit, press the Reset button It will take a few minutes for your computer to restart. If you go back to Windows 10, you'll see that all of the items that were selected for uninstallation have been removed. Restoring files from an online backup service or a Recovery Drive has become possible recently.

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